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Arborist Direct Aberdeen is a local team of Aberdeen Tree Surgeons and tree services professionals with over 8 years in business and a wealth of experience between all of our team members. All Arborist Direct providers are checked to hold all relevant certifications and training as well as holding the legally required insurances.
We differentiate ourselves from the “man with a chainsaw” in so many ways but the most important is that key lead staff and managers are educated in arboriculture so that we can advise on best practice and tree health. Cut too heavily, remove too much of a tree or carry out work at the wrong time of year can cause stress and death of trees and hedges. We will always aim to advise and carry out work with the long term health of the tree in mind.
We can carry out all tree services throughout Aberdeenshire and the Dee Valley including but not exclusive of:
- tree pruning
- climbing tree surgery
- tree felling and tree removal
- Sectional dismantling and controlled lowering to care for gardens and property
- hedge trimming
- tree stump removal
- tree planting
Tree pruning services include crown thinning, crown reduction and raising and dead wooding. These services can allow more light into gardens or reducer the wind loading on a tree. Removing dead branches can help a tree to look its best while at the same time making it safer for people and property nearby.
Tree planting services include advice on local suitability for different species which can depend of soil type, and normal weather conditions.
We can carry out site clearance and vegetation removal for both commercial and residential properties. Whether you are looking for a commercial tree surgeon or domestic tree surgeon we can cover it all.
For commercial work we can provide the requited risk assessments and quotations and for domestic work we can take care of all aspects even helping to advise you on how to handle local authorities and tree preservation orders.
We would encourage anyone thinking about tree surgery work to get in touch first instead of attempting any DIY tree surgery due to the very real risks involved. Tree surgery is a very dangerous possession which can put the person at risk as well as property and people in the surrounding area. Our professional tree surgeons are trained in the safest methods and where required can take extra precautions when pruning or removing trees such as roping off nearby areas and throughways and carrying out controlled lowering of branches and tree sections in a sectional dismantling tree removal.
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Business Catergory: Tree Surgeon, Arborist and Tree surgeon, Tree Service, landscaping and Gardening
Payment Methods: Cash & Bank Transfer
Hours open: Mon - Sat 8 am - 6 pm Sunday closed

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