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Hours : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm UK time
Tel: +4 8603765884
5 London Road London Greater London United Kingdom SW17 9JR
Contact person: Wojciech Gurgul
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Category:  software development  

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We deliver bespoke Standalone, Mobile Web and Cloud (including Serverless) application in any required technology (i.e., .net, ruby on rails and much more). With us “you only need an idea” – we will do all the rest: from Business Analysis, User Experience and Art Design, Coding, Testing, Release to Monitoring and providing feedback for the next iteration of software development. For the best quality and efficiency, we adopt Agile / DevOps practices.

PGS Software is the 6th largest software house located in Poland, EU. We specialize in bespoke applications tailored to individual needs of our clients. Since IT business is all about the continuous improvement we focus on adopting the newest and most efficient technologies ASAP so our clients can stay ahead of the competition in the fields of cost reduction, time-saving, quality, and safety. Hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world, thousands of successfully completed projects, millions of coding hours done by our team of 440+ IT professionals are our guarantee of your satisfaction.

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