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Tel: 01724 861098
25 Midland Rd,
Scunthorpe,North Lincolnshire,DN16 1DQ

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Specialists in Commercial Painting & DecoratingAbout UsPogson decorators was formed in 1974 by the present owner Bob Pogson after he successfully completed his five year apprenticeship by gaining a distinction. The present limited company was formed in 2002 and Michael Puczylo, himself an award winning apprentice, was introduced as Director and Contracts Manager.Since starting out in the seventies as a one man band the business has steadily increased and is now one of the area's leading painting and decorating companies.We employ a dedicated team of highly skilled and motivated painters and decorators who are trained to carry out every type of painting contract, from a single room to a complete housing estate or factory, on time and within budget. We can carry out contracts throughout the country and can offer free competitive quotations on all types of work.

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