Nailsea Flooring

Tel: 07970 105791
The Maples,
Bristol,North Somerset,BS48 4YF

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Domestic & Commercial carpet fitting services in and around the Bristol Area. We will beat any quote.NAILSEA FLOORING is a small carpet company established in 1994.1. WE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY !Due to us not having to pay high rates on shop fronts we keep our overheads down and pass the savings on to you.2. PROFESSIONAL FITTING TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS:Having spent over fifteen years working for Design Flooring of Clifton, John Lewis department store and Park Furnishers of Bristol we have built up an unprecedented reputation for craftsmanship.3. CHOOSE FROM OUR MASSIVE COLLECTION FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR ARM CHAIR:We can supply and fit all styles of carpet from hard wearing berbers, elegant twists and plush saxonys, from all the major manufacturers including Brintons and Axminster.4. GOING THE EXTRA MILE:Not only will we fit your carpet or vinyl we can also clear your rooms of furniture, uplift and dispose of your old floor-coverings,replace the furniture, remove all the rubbish and we even give it the once over with the hoover !!WE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTE !

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