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Tel: 01934 744650
20 Mendip Rise, Locking,
Weston-super-Mare,North Somerset,BS24 8BQ

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Toupees Custom Made to your exact requirements at a Competitive Price. Providing Comfort, Confidence and Peace of MindHair loss SolutionsIf you are wearing a toupee or hairpiece and feel that you need a superior service, let me personally see to all your hairpiece needs. I can design you a hairpiece that has the correct density, colour, curl, amount of grey and length that you require. I work with both human hair and fibre, including the new heat resistant Eurofibre.Hairloss can happen for many reasons: accident, surgery, cancer treatments, burns and scalds [including chemical burns], stress or simply natural thinning of hair. It can be a very upsetting and stressful experience. I am committed to help you find a solution that is comfortable, will give you peace of mind and your confidence back. I offer high quality products at competitive prices, while giving attention to every detail.I have been doing this job since 1983 and still love being able to help people with their hairloss problems. Please give me a call for an informal chat.Wendy Richards

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