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Fantastic Services in Oxford make it all simple when it comes to cleaning chores, relocation or maintaining of the garden, always delivering a high standard of servicing and complete customer satisfaction. Covering the whole Oxford area, we offer services suitable for residential and commercial premises provided by experienced technicians who know the secrets of every property care-related task.
Being in the service industry for years, we know that looking after the places where we live in is vital, that's why we did our best to gradually build a service portfolio that covers almost all aspects of home maintenance. With that being said, you can trust us for:
- Cleaning - from domestic cleaning to carpet, upholstery and oven cleaning
- Gardening - starting with the general garden maintenance and going through the variations of lawn care and even pressure washing
- Removals & Storage - a wide array of services such as home removals, packing and furniture collection
- Pest Control - you can rely on Fantastic Services in Oxford for any pest treatment you may have;
- Handyman - there's no job too big or too small for the expert technicians in Oxford
- Furniture Assembly
In terms of pricing, we pride ourselves on being a company offering budget-friendly solutions, moreover, we do have a membership program that everyone could take advantage of. Becoming a member of it you'll be able to enjoy discounted prices and great savings.
Contact us now and get services that will be of great assistance to your busy schedule. You can book any service online with only a few clicks!

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