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Tel: 07896 794010
13 Egerton Avenue,
Warrington,Cheshire,WA1 3BU

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We Offer Wide Range Of Services At Affordable Prices, From Themed Gardens, Tree Services, Flagging - Block Paving, Driveways and much more.What can we do for you?ConstructionWe also provide building services for walls, decking, fence erection, patio construction, flagging, block paving, ponds and water features. We can supply all raw materials and will remove or recycle all site arisings.Garden Care SuppliesWe can supply all your garden care materials in any quantity (bagged or loose) and provide all the natural foodstuffs and nourishment your garden needs to produce healthy growth, encouraging production of fruit and flowers, all for your pleasure!Including:•Manure•Mushroom compost•Top soil (2 grades)•Wood chippings•Rockery stonesWe can usually deliver within 48 hours!Design your own garden?Of course you can!With our expert assistance we can advise on all aspects of design, construction and planting to help you achieve the garden of your dreams and we can also help with after-care maintenance to ensure continued plant health and productivity.

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