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Tel: 07581 307608
rearOf 84-86, Southwood Road, New Eltham,
London,SE9 3QT

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Looking to hold a party we have a full license bar holds about 120 people Birthday & Anniversaries / community , private & corporate/ wedding ReceptionsKingfisher football clubWe hold Christenings, birthday, wedding receptions, Anniversaries, large bar,very competitively priced, Licensed bars & catering,Our spacious function hall is available for all functions,We have out side space for kids football, bouncy castle, kids games, BBQ,Hot and Cold Buffet Available , Ample Parking Available, Entended Trading HoursDance Floor, Capacity up to 120 , Catering Available,Wakes, Funeral Receptions, Small Business Conferences,OPTION 1HALL HIRE £120 (FROM 7-11.30PM)OPTION 2DISCO PLUS LIGHTS AND HALL HIRE £320.00)IF YOU WISH TO BOOK AND LOOK AT THE CLUB WE ARE OPEN EVERY SAT FROM 11AM / 1PM FOR BOOKINGS (50% OF THE C0ST HAS TO BE PAYED IF YOU WANT TO BOOK THE CLUB)

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