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Tel: 0118 978 8531
15 Emmbrook Rd,
Wokingham,Berkshire,RG41 1HE

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Free initial advice from a qualified ArchitectFree initial advice from a qualified Architect with over 15 years of experience in practice.We have a very competative clear, simple pricing policy that we review at the end of every month.The advice that we give you will be geared towards obtaining Planning and Building Regulations permission. We will contact any local organisations / Authorities and report back to our clients to ensure that all applications are given the best chance of success.We have contacts with local trades people and professionals in Wokingham and the surrounding area, including Structural Engineers, Builders, Quantity Surveyors and Party wall Surveyors.We will give you an idea of costs associated with your project and gear any layouts to our clients budget.We have exceptional quality of design, see the projects located in the sidebar for a list of submitted and completed projects.

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