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We care about our customers, we see you as our friends... We also care about providing business’s and the home/office the best possible service & support ever dreamed of!For all your service and maintenance requirements, why should you pay to have an in-house IT team when you can call on our services as and when required?With our competitive rates and efficient support services, we can provide you with the hardware, software and support needed to enable you to run your business effectively.Keeping your equipment and software up to date (and upgrading as and when required) will help prevent you from experiencing any unforeseen security issues that become so popular in the online world we now live in.Call us directly to ask us about yearly cover and pay as you go support services in greater detail.Are the PCs in your office running slowly?All those little problems that crop up such as slow running programs and viruses can be addressed by 2UPC.We provide ongoing support online, over the phone or in person where necessary.Perhaps you're moving offices or need some new programmes installed? Give us a call now!

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