Welendus (PTP Funding Limited)

Tel: 020 7785 7383
1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB
Contact person: Nadeem Siam
Mail: whitelaura819@gmail.com
Web Site: Web Site

Welendus (PTP Funding Limited) Company Description

Welendus is a FinTech short-term consumer peer-to-peer lending platform authorised and regulated by the FCA with Full Authorisation.
Our mission is to offer better, more flexible and more affordable short-term loans to borrowers. For lenders, Welendus offers better returns with the short-term investment flexibility and a provision fund protection.
Being a peer-to-peer lender, Welendus is basically helping with financial inclusion while funneling the short-term lending returns back to society.
We are a small group of passionate techies, credit geeks, designers, marketers and compliance experts with a shared vision to make change to the consumer credit market.
Welendus is the trademark and trading name of PTP Funding Limited, a FinTech business authorised and regulated by the FCA with full authorization (Ref. 729238). We are also members of Level39, one of Europe's largest FinTech accelerators.

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