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Tel: 01793 278469
25 Faringdon Road,
Swindon,Wiltshire,SN1 5AR

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Commercial and industrial gas and mechanical services full domestic heating service1st Commercial gas and mechanical services expertise in providing a quality, reliable and professional service in all areas of commercial gas and associated works. Covering London and the South-West, 1st Commercil maintain a variety of heating systems, appliances, catering equipment and swimming pool boilers for offices, schools, restaurants, warehouses and more.Services include installation and repair works to appliances or heating systems, one-off or annual contracted service visits (to include where required issue of a Gas Safety Certificate in accordance with new legislation), gas pipework testing and purging, as well as electrical works associated with these systems. In addition to our gas-related works, we have engineers qualified and experienced in working with LPG and oil-fired systems, as well as commercial catering equipment equipment

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