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Tel: 01246 860690
2 Dale Crescent, New Tupton,
Chesterfield,Derbyshire,S42 6DS

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The Permanent Solution For Flat Roof Problems, Peace Of Mind Guaranteed - Fit It & Forget It!1ST CLASS ROOFING LTD offers the long-awaited solution to flat roof problems.By using seamless fibreglass, 1ST CLASS ROOFING LTD, a family-owned independent business which employs a team of professionally qualified fitters, can provide a permanent maintenance-free remedy for leaking flat roofs.The company motto is "Fit it and forget it!"Whether it be a domestic or commercial property, whatever size of complexity, whichever colour is preferred, 1ST CLASS ROOFING LTD has the expertise and experience to provide the solution to the required area. The fibreglass roofing system is suitable for garages, dormers, extensions, porches, balconies and, for that matter, any flat roof on a property.Boasting over 30 years' experience in the building and roofing industry, 1ST CLASS ROOFING LTD is so confident in its product that it is more than happy to give a25 year guarantee. For this reason, fibreglass is the local architects' and specifiers' first choice.

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