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Tel: 07962 157494
Unit 23c, Spencer Court, Blyth Riverside Business Park,
Blyth,Northumberland,NE24 5TW

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1st Choice Training has been launched to become the UK’s foremost centre dedicated to the development of best practice in the fields of Safety and SecurityOur dedicated training team are guaranteed to deliver quality professional programmes that provide practical results for delegates and their organisations. All have been carefully selected to facilitate first class training in the subjects that they teachOur courses are continually updated to ensure that they reflect the latest industry research and legislation. This unique approach ensures that we are consistently delivering a relevant training We recognise that you may not be able to judge your exact needs from the enclosed course overviews and that you may wish to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. With thorough knowledge on content and delivery style, the team are available to assist you

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