1066 Therapy

Tel: 07722 783490
Weathertop, 119, Hastings Rd,
Battle,East Sussex,TN33 0TH

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1066 Therapy: psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and psychological / cognitive training for anxiety, fears, weight control, smoking, confidence problems, self-esteem issues and much moreMy name is Beaula Page and I run 1066 Therapy, an established and successful therapy practice offering psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and psychological/cognitive training, situated just outside of Battle, East Sussex. I offer effective help for all sorts of problems, using psychotherapy, professional hypnotherapy, and/or psychological / cognitive training. These different approaches may be used separately or combined, depending on the individual.Problems helped include anxiety, fears, phobias, weight control problems, childhood abuse/trauma problems, addictions, stopping smoking, confidence problems, anger management, stress management, low self-esteem, insomnia and sleep problems, obsessive behaviours, IBS, blushing, low moods, sexual problems, childrens problems and much more.Please call me on 07722783490 to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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