102 Cookery School

Tel: 0117 244 0047
102 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston,
Bristol,Avon,BS7 8BN

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102 Cookery School is the ultimate food and drink venue working with the South Wests finest chefs, restaurants and local producersOur state of the art kitchen and demonstration area is kitted out with a selection of top-end Jamie Oliver-endorsed Samsung equipment, so as well as learning new skills you'll have a chance to use the best quality hobs and ovens that money can buy. There are plenty of courses to choose from so don your apron, roll up your sleeves and have fun!! We offer a wide range of cookery courses, cooking lessons and cookery classes for all levels of ability.We offer classes for individuals, groups, corporate do's and hen do's. Infact no matter what the occasion is we will create a great day or evenings entertainment for you or really help improve your cooking skills.

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