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MADE TO LAST is a supplier of British manufactured products for the home and life that stand the test of time. All products come with a clear and lengthy guarantee.MADE TO LAST is a retailer with the aim of connecting people with high quality products that stand the test of time.All products sold on MADE TO LAST have a clear guarantee shown on the product page. Customers can therefore judge the true cost and value of a product.All products are manufactured in Britain and sold in Britain (some raw materials may come from other countries) – this will help to strengthen local industries and craftspeople and at the same time mean that additional costs are not fed into our products to cover international transport and taxes.Everything on MADE TO LAST has a high utility value. No nodding dogs or dancing flowers here.We sell a wide range of products for home and life. You can buy furniture such as beds, tables, chairs and cabinets, clothing and fashiion items, kitchenware such as knives, toasters and chopping boards alongside various other everyday items.

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